Pier 38 Fishing Village Adds New Restaurant

The all new Harbor Restaurant at Pier 38 is slated to open to the public around late May of this year. It is being constructed above Nico's restaurant at the Pier 38 Honolulu Fishing Village, in the space that was once Harbor View Center, a two-room event venue.

"The Harbor View Center was a beautiful event facility, but it had limited growth potential and capacity. We decided that a restaurant would offer more people an easier reason to visit the fishing village at Honolulu Harbor," says Jim Cook, co-owner of Harbor Restaurant as well as the previous Harbor View Center. Jim's partner, Sean Martin are the owners of POP Fishing & Marine also on Pier 38.

The restaurant is approximately 10,000 square feet and seats about 240 guests. A showpiece copper top bar will seat about 25 people and offer wonderful views of Honolulu Harbor.

The menu is designed around a Brasa inspired oven - a charcoal-burning combination grill, oven, and smoker. The oven operates at very high temperatures which in turn imparts unique texture and locked-in flavor to whatever type of food goes in it. All types of dishes will be performed in the charcoal oven, from appetizer to dessert.

Harbor will soon be open 7 days a week for lunch (11a-3p) and dinner (5p-9p), with a happy hour at the copper bar (2p-5p). There will be ample free parking.